• National Guard
    National Guard Housing Projects in Riyadh, Dammam, Al-Hasa, Qatif, Jeddah (Total No. of houses over 10,000).
    National Guard Headquarters Building Project - Jeddah
  • Ministry of Public Works & Housing
    Housing Projects in Riyadh, Dammam, Al-Hasa, Buraydah ( Total No. of houses over 7,000)
  • Ministry of Interior
    Housing Projects (Nine sites throughout the Kingdom)
  • Ministry of Health
    Hospital and Hospital Housing Projects, Riyadh, Taif, Jeddah & Buraydah
  • Ministry of Defense & Aviation
    Various Projects (Housing, Airports, Hospitals, etc.)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Housing, Diplomatic Quarters, Ministry Headquarter Projects etc.
  • Ministry of Agriculture & Water
    Various Water Supply and House Connection Projects (over 100,000 house connections)
  • Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs
    Various Sewerage /Drainage House Connection Projects.
    Water Supply and House Connection Projects
  • Ministry of Communications
    Road Landscaping Projects.
  • Ministry of PTT
    Various Telephone Duct Projects
  • Ministry of Education
    Various Schools and Colleges Projects
  • Ministry of Industries & Electricity
    Industrial Estate Projects in the Kingdom (Infrastructure)
  • Al-Nasser Co
    Housing Compounds in Riyadh
  • Binladen Group
    Al-Faisalia Center Project - Riyadh
    Al-Hareeq Housing Project
  • Impregilo SPA
    Kingdom Center Project - Riyadh
  • Al-Rashid Trad. & Contr. Co. Ltd
    GOSI Housing Projects and Riyadh Technical College Project
  • Oger Tekfen
    Kingdom Housing Project - Riyadh
  • S. T. S.
    Kingdom Hospital and NCCI Building Projects - Riyadh
  • Joannu & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Ltd.
    Airbase Housing Compound Project
  • Saudi Oger
    Prince Abdullah Military City, Al-Hasa.
    Janadriyah Equestrian Club Project.
    Riyadh Main Court Project.
  • Saudi German Hospital (Const. Div.)
    SGH Al-Yasmeen Hospital Project.
  • Saudi Technical
    Slaughter House Project in Mina.
    Riyadh Transportation Center Project.
  • Concord for Trade and Development.
    Al-Buhaira Water Supply Project - Egypt.

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